Tarp Hire Brisbane

6m x 9m $136/week
9m x 9m $171/week
9m x 12m $216/week

In extreme weathers such as rains and storms, tarps can be an ideal solution for people who are looking to cover their valuable assets. High-quality PVC tarpaulins can keep things completely safe from rain and storm, making tarp hire Brisbane a popular option among many industries.

All our tarps are custom-designed to cover roof tops and be used for storage purposes. In addition, we offer our valuable clients a complete choice of sizes to suit their ever need. So, whether you are a commercial builder who needs a big tarp to cover an under-construction project or are a homeowner looking to protect the roof of your house during a home improvement task, you can get it to fit all your needs at Tarp Hire Australia.

If you are looking for safe storage for your valuables or your inventory, you can also get the right tarp to cover them. Even if you have them in storage, covering them with tarp will keep them completely safe during the rainy weather. So, call for a tarp hire Brisbane if you don’t want to lose your things in storage.

At Tarp Hire Australia, we make your service our first priority, providing you only with the very best. All our tarps come with ropes attached and are delivered to you on the same day. To make sure they are in perfect condition, we check our tarps after every hire tarp. To make the transaction smoother, we offer multiple payment options and a friendly staff to help you every step of the way.

If you are looking for the best PVC tarp hire Brisbane, Tarp Hire Australia is just a phone call away. Compared to non-specialist dealers, we offer prices that are much lower while our quality is unmatched. So, give us a call at 1300 4282 77 whenever you need a tarp to keep your assets safe.

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